Critical Acclaim for CULINARY COMPOST:


“Just an FYI – I plugged your ingredients list for Three-Cheese Buttery Bacon Alfredo into my nutritional app and it sent an ambulance to my house.”
—Patricia Townsend, Savannah GA

“Mike, this site is a load of crap… Take some tips from Bobby Flay and thanks for nothing.”
—Tim Andorf, Bradford PA

“The lack of advertising is refreshing, but where’s the porn?”
—Dave H., Scattelboro NC

“I spent the last ten years eating lousy food prepared by my wife… you know, the usual suspects… TV dinners, potted meat, Hamburger Helper… food that was more suited to folks in an old-age home… after browsing your site I was thunderstruck. I had a burning desire to try new things, to experiment with spice and grease and the broiler knob… I gotta say, man you’re my hero. You saved our marriage! Thanks for helping put some zing back in the bedroom!!!”
—Stu Redlin, Topeka KS

“I just found out from this feller on Colonary Compact that you can mix mayo, vinegar, baking soda and that hotter-than-bejeezus Mexican sauce to form an explosive. Thankie — This’ll work great on the rat problem in my cella.”
—Jeb Waltham, Atkinson WV

“The Habaneros kicked my ass. Thanks for the warning!”
—Mark Miller, Las Vegas

“Don’t quit your day job.”
—Sandy Williams, North Platte NE

“Contrary to your tip — heating a sealed five-pound can of pork & beans on the grill until it EXPLODES does NOT speed up the cooking process!”
—Gary Martin, Schofield IL

“Interesting use of Funyuns and ramen noodles. My family enjoyed the recipe. Thanks.”
—Ellen Seidelwicz, Fond du Lac WI

“Your recipes have more fat in them than I eat in a month. I hope you have a good cardiologist.”
—Ann Baseli, Claybrook IN

“Nobody in their right mind would stuff that amount of salted pork into a single chicken. You’re a sick monkey.”
—Drew Anderson, Mason City IA

“I don’t appreciate the comments you made about my Thanksgiving turkey decorating tips in your forum. As soon as I get out of prison, you’ll be hearing from my attorney.”
—M. Stewart, New York

“This website blows. What a complete waste of bandwidth.”
—Eugene Fremont, Akron OH

“Holy batshit. You Wisconsin hicks are nuts.”
—Thomas Meyers, San Diego CA

“HELP! I just rubbed habanero juice in my left eye! What do I do?!!?”
—Blaine Cowsley, Spokane WA

“I made your Salsa de Habañero Yucatan for a client meeting. 16 people went home sick. I got fired. Drop dead, asshole.”
—Barry S., Van Nuys CA

“Flaming fondue shots… Interesting concept! Thanks!”
—Valerie Stens, Richmond VA

“After cursory examination, I’ve determined that your food blog is 5 percent relevant content, 95 percent hot gas.”
—James Worell III, Boston MA

“I appreciate the get well card you sent after my gastric bypass surgery. I don’t think I’m cut out for judging chili cook-offs. I’m selling used cars now… a lot better for my health.”
—Frank R., Wilmette IL

“If you could add printable coupons that are good at Fry’s Supermarket, W. Olive at N. 51st Ave., I’d be most thankful.”
—Beatrice Andersen, Glendale AZ

2 thoughts on “Talkback

  1. Sorry, not the real Chili John’s recipe. They make the meat sauce on Western Avenue in Green Bay, in a basement that has a commercial range. they also close the blinds and lock the doors when cooking, and you can smell the delicious aroma all over the neighborhood.

    • I feel so deflated now, August… this recipe has been knocked down to unofficial status as a result. I can smell that intoxicating aroma just reading your reply… thanks for your input, and best — Mike

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