High Plains Chipotle Salsa

If Clint Eastwood’s western character had a favorite salsa — this would be it. The chipotle adds just the right touch of smoky flavor and attitude. Think you can handle that, hombre?

Enjoy — my original recipe.


3 fresh large red tomatoes (8-10 Romas)
1 small spanish onion – minced
1 jalapeño pepper
1/2 of one small can San Marcos® Mexican Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce—minced
2 large cloves fresh minced garlic (a clove is 1 section of the whole bulb)
2-3 tbs. minced fresh cilantro
juice of 1/8 cut lime
1/2 tbs. salt


Roma or Beefmaster tomatoes are preferred.

Fine chop the tomatoes and place in bowl. A food processor is ideal if you use restraint and don’t puree them into oblivion. Add the fine chopped peppers and spices. Go easy on the salt, as the canned chipotle peppers are packed in adobo sauce which is loaded with salt itself. Taste often (this is a good thing), keeping in mind that the ingredients will blend together over time—so do not overcompensate. Generally, the mix will become hotter if left to stand a bit.

Stir ingredients well and let stand for 1/2 hour. If the water content of the tomatoes separates out in the bowl after a while, drain the salsa by placing it in a fine screen basket or colander and then place back into bowl. This is normal. The water content will vary with different types of tomatoes. Romas on average have the lowest water content ratio.

Salsa best if used within two days. If you must put it in the fridge after use, let it warm up to room temperature again before serving.


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